John Farmer

AN INVENTORY of John Farmer the Elder   15 March 1725   H22/1445

An Inventory of the Goods Chattells and Creddits of John Farmer the Elder late of Pirton in the County of Hertford Yeoman dec[eas]ed taken and appraised by us whose names are here subscribed the seventeenth day of February Anno Domini 1725

List of items in the house and barns being valued£sd
Imprimis in the kitchen one jack three spills one pott hangor, ten chairs one table a p[ai]r of bellows five shovels and tongues one warming pan – six pewter dishes one pewter cheese plate fifteen pewter plates and other things250
It. in the Hall Two Oval Tables Seven Cane Chairs one Looking Glass, pr Hand Irons & three Mapps2100
It. upon the staircase one old clock110
It. in the Best Chamber one feather bed and bedstead With printed Linnen Curtains and Vallans and five Chairs3100
It. in the Chamber over the Kitchen one feather Bed and Bedstead and Bedding with Curtains and Vallens – one truckle to Bed or Bedding two Coffers one Hanging press Two small tables & Dressing glass chest of Drawers & six chairs880
It. the Linnen there300
It. in the room over the Hall one Bed & Bedding Curtains and Vallens and Half Headed Bed & flock Bed one old chest Seven pieces of new Cloth & three chairs200
It. in the Brewhouse one Small Brass Furness five Beer Casks two kettles one porridge pott & three skillits one frying pan and other odd things300
It. The Dung and Straw in there3100
It. The Hay & Wood Role and Barrow there300
It. Wheat and Barley and Bullimong9100
It. Household Goods at a farmhouse of S[ir] William Sanderson1450
It. Wheat Barley pease & the Grain in the Granary there8880
It. Two Hoggs & three Piggs there10100
It. Cart Harness & plough Harness ploughs Harrows Whippletrees and draught rakes13170
It. Six Cows1500
It. Hay Oats & Barley in a yard call[e]d the Pidgeon Yard5700
Itm. Wheat on a hovel and in a Wheat House & Oats in the Granary, oats & fitches in a Barn & Grain & Straw in a Rick Yard in the farm called _________13640
It. A Wagon & Carts, Chaff, Cavings, Poles, lath & wood26160
It. Culver dung, Hen dung, Hog Dung & Dung & Straw in
the yard there1000
It. In the Brewhouse there one copper & other lumber500
It. In the Kitchen there one long Table, 4 stools & a Boyler1100
It. Sacks, fanns(?) sieves, forks, rakes, scythes, Busheles Screens and other Implements of Husbandry6196
It. Hens and Ducks2100
It. Eight horses6000
Item Wheat upon the ground96130
It. Barley land till’d and compost48100
It. Edge grain Ploughs & Sown22180
It. Barley sold and Malted and Wheat sold35100
It. Sheep sold2900
It. Sheep and Hurdles28100
It. Debts good and dubious147110
It. Waring apparrile and Ready Cash45120
Bro[ought] from the other side£569136
Henry Hobbs
Edward Lacy
William Sheppard15 March 1725
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